RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow

RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow

RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow

Specifically designed for 65-100 horsepower Continental engines, RMJ-AERO produces a Continental crankcase breather originally used on the Cessna 150 Aerobat.

Tired of oil on the belly or hanger floor, and don't want to install an air/oil separator? Or maybe your installation won't allow an oil separator. You can install aerobatic breather elbow. The original brass elbows by Continental are out of production, difficult to find, and guaranteed to be expensive. However, they are quite effective in reducing oil lost through the crankcase breather line. The tube extension repositions the breather port location near the engine centerline, away from the side of the crankcase cavity, which collects oil and allows it to be drawn out by airflow.

The RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow is a replacement for the Continental brass elbows. It is fabricated from a standard AN aluminum elbow and tube extension. RMJ-AERO fabricates these parts using aircraft quality TIG welded construction.

RMJ-AERO aerobatic elbows are available direct from RMJ-AERO, part number RMJ 633182. See our Prices & Warranty page for current prices.


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