Separator Maintenance

Separators Separator Maintenance

The RMJ-AERO separator is designed for years of service with minimal maintenance. The separator should be opened and inspected at each oil change or annual inspection. Follow instructions listed below for inspection and return to service.

  1. Remove the separator lid by removing the locking nut located on top of the separator. Below the nut is a plain flat washer and below the washer a viton o-ring seal on the screw. Remove the washer and o-ring seal and keep for reassembly. Care should be used as the lid is removed to prevent loss of the o-ring seals. Should the o-rings be damaged, replace one or both.
  2. Disconnect your separator discharge tube and insert a medium phillips screw driver. Remove the hex nut, lock and flat washers with a wrench. The coalescing screen can be extracted by pulling straight upward, removing it from the separator discharge tube. Care should be taken not to crush the coalescing screen, as it is fabricated from soft aluminum wire cloth. Once removed, the screen should be soaked in mineral spirits or degreased with automotive degreaser. Allow the degreasing fluid to evaporate prior to reinstallation of the screen.
  3. Inspect the inside of the expansion chamber of the separator. Observe the small drain line hole for any debris or buildup. If present, remove the drain line from the engine connection port and flush the separator with degreasing agent and drain into a can. Allow the separator and drain line to dry and reconnect oil return hose to the engine connection point as removed.
  4. Reinstall the coalescing screen, flat & lock washers with hex nut, lid with o-ring seal, screw o-ring seal, flat washer, and nut. Do not over tighten the lid nut. The lid needs to be tight enough to seal the o-ring on the separator body with a quarter turn more.

In the event you should loose or damage the o-ring seals, coalescing screen, or lid, contact RMJ-AERO directly for replacement parts. All are in stock for immediate shipment. Listed below are replacement parts and pricing information.


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