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Oil Separator

Oil Separator

RMJ-AERO is now producing oil separators for homebuilders using Continental and Lycoming engines. These separators are designed to remove oil from the engine crankcase breather line providing the builder with a cleaner plane, less oil consumption, and prolonged engine life from maximum cooling, cleaning, and lubrication, not to mention helping to preserve a cleaner environment.

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  Oil Separator - Our premiere product
  Installation Guides - For general, Lycomings & Continentals
  RMJ-AERO Gallery - Pictures of actual installations.

RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow

Specifically designed for 65-100 horsepower Continental engines, RMJ-AERO offers the RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow, our new accessory that functions like the Continental crankcase breather originally used on the Cessna 150 Aerobat. It is fabricated from a standard AN aluminum elbow and tube extension. RMJ-AERO fabricates these parts using aircraft quality TIG welded construction.

Click this link for more information:
  RMJ-AERO Aerobatic Elbow - Alternative for Continental engines.

Custom Fabrication Services

RMJ-AERO, designs and builds aviation products for the homebuilder. We can custom design and or fabricate components for your homebuilt from your sketches or drawings.

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  Custom Fabrication Services - Help with unusual installations.

For additional information, contact RMJ-AERO by mail or email info@rmjaero.com.


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